Occasion-bikes from Sinner and Drymer. Bikes which have been used for exhibitions, test drives, trading in or new showroombikes. All the bikes will be completely maintained, checked-up and will be fully serviced.    ,

Sinner Mango PLUS- Alfine 11

Coming in at week 10! 

Specially produced Sinner Mango PLUS from 2014 combined with electrical assist and Alfine 11 internal gear hub. This Mango is specially produced with a different set-up than standard. 

-          Electrical assist 250Watt / 11AH battery 

-          Double suspension rear (Standard one side) 

-          No mid-drive, straight chain to the rear wheel (right side)

As soon as the Mango comes in, we will service and maintenance it and make better pictures.

If you are interested for more pictures, please sent us an email or message.



As soon as we will have the pictures online, we will also put an price on it!



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Sinner Comfort -E

Sinner Comfort with e-assist (green) 

Including 11AH battery + charger, VTS display, Nexus 7 internal hub, front light, rear light and cateye enduro 8 computer. 

€ 3.500,00

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Drymer Glider basic

Drymer Glider basic 1x9V (dormant red)

Including rear light, front light and Cateye Enduro 8 computer. 

€ 2.245,00

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  • Deliverytime: 1-3 workingdays1

Drymer Glider -E

Drymer Glider 1x8V + Sunstar 250Watt e-support system. (orange) 

Including Sunstar motor display, 11AH battery + charger, rear light, front light and Cateye Enduro 8 computer. 

€ 3.250,00

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  • Deliverytime: 1-3 workingdays1

Sinner Comfort

Sinner Comfort Basic 1x9V (dormant red / grey) 

Including rear light, front light and Cateye Enduro 8 computer. 

€ 2.200,00

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  • Deliverytime: 1-3 workingdays1

USVA Comfort

USVA-Comfort with a 16" front wheel, diskbrakes, dubble breaklever with parkinglock. 

Including rearlight, front light and Cateye Enduro 8 computer. 

€ 1.600,00

  • Available
  • Deliverytime: 1-3 workingdays1


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